Using a Mevo swipe card instead of the app? Great! everything you need to know about starting and ending your trip is described below.

Starting your trip

  1. Approach the Mevo you wish to use.
  2. Examine the windshield reader (see description below).
  3. If the car is available, hold your card against the windshield reader until the car unlocks and the orange light goes steady.
  4. You're now on trip!

Ending your trip

  1. Park your Mevo in the home zone.
  2. Make sure everyone and all possessions are out of the vehicle, its plugged into a charging station (if available), the keys and fuel card are returned to the holster, the engine is switched off, and all doors are shut.
  3. Put your Mevo swipe card again the windshield reader.
  4. Wait until the doors lock and the green light flashes.
  5. You've just successfully ended your trip!

Additional information

  • Sometimes it can take a little while for the trip to start when using the swipe card, especially if you've had to wake the car from sleep- your patience is appreciated!
  • If you have any issues starting or ending your trip, don't hesitate to get in touch via the in-app chat function. 

How to read the windshield reader

  • A green light means the car is available.
  • An orange light means the car is already in use.
  • A red light means the car is out of service.
  • If no lights are on, the car is in sleep mode, simply tap your card on the holder to wake the vehicle and check its availability. 

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