To end your trip, Mevo conducts a few checks before making the end trip icon visible and your trip to be completed.  

The vehicle must be switched off first. An easy way to check this is check whether the dashboard lights are illuminated or notice whether the dashboard centre screen is still visible. If this is the case the engine is still on and you will not be able to end your trip.

To turn the vehicle off, please press the start/stop button again and retry ending your trip.

If the End Trip icon is visible and you are receiving an error please check the following

  1. The car keys and fuel card have been returned to the key fob in the glovebox. 
  2. The vehicle is required to be in the Home Zone of a Mevo approved city. If the light next to the handbrake is illuminated red this means you are not within the approved Home Zone. The home zone limits is also outlined on the map within your app. 
  3. If the car doors and windows are not closed you will not be able to end your trip. 
  4. If you are receiving a server error there is a conflict between your data and another wifi connection sending the execution message to Mevo. Please turn wifi off and try again to resolve this issue.  

If the problem persists please contact Mevo immediately within app.  

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