While sitting in the driver's seat:

  1. Ensure all doors (including the boot) are closed. Open doors will display on the instrument panel and prevent the engine from booting up.
  2. Check that you're in "Park" ("P").
  3. Press down on the foot brake.
  4. Press the "Start / Stop" button located to the left of the gear lever on the centre console.

You won't hear or feel the engine start. That's completely normal in our electric hybrid vehicles. Instead, you'll see the display screen pop out of the dashboard and the words "e-tron ready" will be shown on the instrument cluster.

This sequence can take some getting used to, so if you find the vehicle isn't responding you can put it back into Park, press the "Start / Stop" button again and start again from the top.

The handbrake will release automatically when you begin using the accelerator, or you can disengage this manually by pressing down on the switch in the centre console.

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