Scroll through below to find some basic instructions to adjusting your 1) seat, 2) steering wheel, 3) Lights, 4) wing mirrors, and 5) charging your phone and 6) activating the entertainment system.

1. Seat

Adjust the seat forward and backward by pulling up on the handlebar at the front corner of the seat.

Adjust the back/lumbar support by rotating the wheel on the side.

2. Steering Wheel

Pull down on the lever left of the steering wheel to loosen. Position it to your comfort and re-secure it by pulling the lever back up. Also remember — Mevo vehicles were born in Europe, so your indicators ⬅️ ➡️ are on the LEFT of the wheel and the wipers are on the RIGHT.

3. Lights

The light adjuster knob can be found to the right of the steering wheel. We recommend always leave the setting on AUTO.

4. Wing Mirrors

Use the dial knob on the driver's door to adjust your wing mirror settings.

5. Charging your device

With your phone being your key, it's important to keep your device charged. That's why there are phone chargers provided in every Mevo vehicle for your trip.

💡 Audi A3 e-tron only: wireless charging can be activated by placing your device in the centre console (GIF below).

6. Entertainment & Navigation

📱🎵📞 Both of the Audi A3 e-tron and VW Polo are Bluetooth enabled. Sync your phone to enjoy your own music and hands-free calling.

🗺 Audi Navigation: flick up on the NAV tab and enter your destination by pressing down on the centre console button and swipe to type.

🗺 Volkswagen Navigation: plug in your phone and press the APP button top right of the display to activate Apple CarPlay or Android Auto — from there open Google Maps, Spotify, and more.

VW Polo Android Auto displayed above.

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