Important note: The charger cable will not release from the front of your Mevo until you've tapped "UNLOCK CAR" in app.

Your Mevo charges up while it's not on trips using power delivered via a cable at the front of the bonnet. You'll need to unplug this before you drive away.

Don't worry if you forget, an error message will display on the dashboard and the engine will not start if you attempt to drive away while still plugged in.

If the cable plugged into your Mevo has a trigger, press this in and then gently pull the cable out of the socket in the car. If the cable has no trigger, simply pull gently from the handle to remove it.

If the cable will not release, confirm that the charger port has been unlocked by pressing the door unlock button on the keys (in the glovebox).

Once the cable has been removed, safely stow it in the holster on the charging unit, then replace the rubber dust cap and close the charger cover by moving the Audi logo into position and twisting the latch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My Mevo wasn't plugged in, is that a problem?

Your Mevo is a plug-in electric hybrid, so as long as there's fuel in the tank you won't notice much difference. If you have time, please let us know by chatting with us in-app so we can remind the last member who had your Mevo about plugging the vehicles in when they're done.

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