BYD: Charging your device

How to charge your device while using a BYD

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The BYD should come equipped with two ways of charging your device:

1) Wireless charging

There is a wireless charger located at the front of the center console, below the infotainment screen.

The wireless phone charger may not work if your phone case is too large or is made of metal. Try removing the phone from its case before placing in the charger. The phone must be in direct contact with the wireless charger. Do not place objects between the phone and the charger.

2) Wired charging

The BYD has four USB ports throughout the vehicle. In the lower layer of the front centre console, there is a USB-C and a USB-A port.

On the back of the centre console there are rear row USB ports. These USB ports can only be used for charging, not for multimedia.

You are welcome to bring your own charger on trip with you. Mevo aims to supply all our vehicles with chargers, however, sometimes these can break or go missing. In this case, please use the wireless charging method above.

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