In an emergency, call 111

Like with any car, sometimes things won't go quite according to plan with your Mevo. Here are some of the more common things you might encounter, and what to do about them.

In all of these scenarios, we'll need you to complete an incident form. Copies of this form are located in the glove box of every Mevo.

Major Damage — Significant Crash

If required, call the emergency services on 111.

Once it is safe to do so, contact the Mevo emergency line on 0508 111 6386 (option one - vehicle emergency)

Major/Minor Damage —  Punctured Tyre

Your Mevo doesn't come with a spare wheel (that space is taken up by the battery), but the tyres installed on your Mevo are what's called "run-flat" to keep you on the road.

If you spot a punctured tyre on your Mevo while out on a trip, call us on 0508 111 6386 (option one - vehicle emergency). Our support team will guide you through using the inflator kit in the boot. 

Minor Damage — Cracked Windscreen

Pull over as soon as it's safe to do so and contact us either by chatting with us in-app or by calling 0508 111 6386 (option two).

We'll work with you to retrieve your Mevo and, if possible, get a replacement vehicle to you.

Minor Damage — Scratches, Dings, or Dents

As soon as it's safe to do so, let us know by chatting with us in-app, and if possible take photos of the damage and to assist our insurance team in processing our claim. If it's safe to continue driving your Mevo, carry on with your trip and return your Mevo back to it's Pod. Complete and incident report in the glovebox and leave it on the front seat for the Mevo team to collect. 

If a 3rd party was involved in any way, please make sure you obtain their contact information (name, contact details, licence and insurer) and pass these on to the Mevo team when you chat with us.

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