In early May this year, Mevo upgraded our technology and payment systems to give our customers a faster in-app experience and easier sign-up process.

During this process we migrated all customer profiles out of our old platform and into our new system, keeping in-place all plan, licence and membership information to give our community the easiest possible transition.

Two pieces of customer information were unable to transitioned. These were the passwords that each member had set themselves, and the credit card information they had added to pay for their trips and membership.

This information was (and will continue to be) secured in such a way that the team at Mevo, nor any of our technical or corporate partners were able to access it, providing industry standard peace of mind for all our members. 

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will I be charged for authorising my card?
A: No. We authorise cards with a $0.00 transaction

Q: Why are you making the change?
A: We want to provide the best possible sign up and user experience as possible, and to do that we're moving to a new technology and payment provider.

Q: Can I use a different card than the one I used last time?
A: Yes. You can use any payment method you'd like, so long as it's a Visa or Mastercard and it's able to be authorised.

Q: Where can I find out more information?
A: You can chat with us any time here.

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