Mevo is a great option for your holiday getaway. Fuel is included in our pricing and no paperwork is required! Read on for all you need to know about using Mevo for your holiday trip.

How much does it cost?

Mevo vehicle rates start from $75/day. Fuel and insurance is included in our pricing ⛽️

*Volkswagen Polo and Audi a3 e-tron not available in Hamilton

The daily rate covers 200km per day on trip. For example, a 2.5 day trip is allocated 600km for free. If you exceeded the allowance, each top-up km is $0.25.

Can I book in advance?

Yes! You can reserve your Holiday Rental up to 60 days in advance with our Valet feature. A $9 surcharge applies for Valet bookings.

Where can I travel?

You can take your Mevo anywhere except off-road trails (like beaches, riverbeds, floodwaters or 4WD tracks) and vehicle ferries (including the Cook Strait ferry). You must start and end your trip in the same city. This means you can't take one-way regional trips or travel to the South Island.

How do we add a driver?

Swapping drivers is allowed permitting that all drivers have an approved Mevo account. Another member of your party can even create an account part-way through your trip; it only takes a couple of minutes and our team can usually review your details immediately.

Tip: Use the main driver's refer a friend code to sign up and you'll receive $20 off your first trip. Go to Account > Credit to get started

How does refuelling work?

We pay for your fuel ⛽️. If you run low during a trip drive into any Z Energy or Caltex station and top up using the fuel card in the glove box. All Mevo vehicles take 95 Petrol.

What happens if we travel out of cell coverage?

The Mevo app will switch to offline mode in areas of low coverage. You will be able to lock and unlock your vehicle via bluetooth. Offline works best when your device is switched to ✈️ mode.

How does Mevo work at the Airport?

You can collect a Mevo from Wellington or Hamilton Airport.

Hamilton Airport

You can use Mevo for round trips starting and ending at Hamilton Airport

Wellington Airport

You can use Mevo for one-way trips between the city and the airport. Forget waiting around for a taxi! Airport access and parking is all sorted; see our guide for maps and instructions:

Tip: Trips that start or end at the airport will incur a $15 (incl GST) surcharge.

Can I make a round-trip to the airport to pick up a friend?

Yes! Just start a trip as normal. The airport surcharge does not apply if you don't start or end the trip at the airport.

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