What is a Mevo Virtual Fleet Subscription?

Virtual Fleet Subscriptions were created to help your business replace company fleet vehicles. It works by providing your team with a credit bundle to use during work hours (8am - 6pm), on any trips they take within each month. This allows for greater savings on not just your Mevo use but also your company travel-related expenses.

Subscription Fee (Excl. GST)

Gives Your Team (Excl. GST)

Which Equates To The Cost of Using

Savings Compared To Regular Mevo Use

$750 per month

$1,304 worth of travel per month (to use on any car)

A VW Polo 5 days per week/ 20 days per month (a car for everyday of the week during work hours)

More than 40%

$375 per month

$521 worth of travel per month (to use on any car)

A VW Polo 2 days per week/ 8 days per month

More than 25%

How it works?

With the subscription, a credit bundle will be applied to your Mevo For Business account at the start of the month. From then all trip costs for individual trips will be deducted from the credit bundle until the credit bundle is fully utilised. (Any trips that are taken once the credit bundle is fully utilised will be charged at the regular Mevo pricing)

Important Things To Note

  • Travel outside 8 am to 6 pm these times will be billed as separate trips at normal rates

  • Credit will be valid during the calendar month it was added

  • Credit can only be used for trip fees, additional fees (eg. Airport Fees, Valet Fees) will be billed separately

Other FAQ's

Can I use any vehicle on the Mevo fleet?

You most certainly can.

What if there is not a Mevo car close by?

Don't ever worry about vehicle availability again, by subscribing to a Mevo Virtual Fleet Subscription, we ensure 95% vehicle availability within 400m of your office from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday via our service level agreement (SLA). [Only available for the $750 excl. GST Subscription]

What if we need to take more than one car out at a time?

No worries, the credit is added to your Mevo for Business account. Your team can take unlimited trips and have multiple trips running alongside each other at the same time.

Why choose a Mevo Virtual Fleet Subscription over owning fleet cars?

With a Mevo Virtual Fleet Subscription, your business can reduce, and in some cases remove, costs associated with owning company cars.

Some of these costs are:

  • Depreciation

  • Fleet Management/ Staff Time

  • Parking

  • Cleaning/Grooming & Repairs

  • Damage Tracking & Administration

  • Warrants or Certificates of Fitness & Registrations

  • Insurance

  • Telematics

Additionally, by using Mevo, companies are also offsetting 120% CO2 emitted while they travel.

For a cost comparison between your existing fleet/ business travel or more information on setting up a subscription click below.

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