What is a Mevo Virtual Fleet Subscription?

Each Virtual Fleet Subscription provides your team with credit each month to use a Mevo VW Polo for:

  • 5 days a week / 20 days a month (valued at approx. $1300 excl. GST)

  • Monday to Friday, between 8 am to 6 pm

For $750 excl. GST a month including parking, fuel, on a 12-month contract. (Early Adopter Rate)

What if there is not a Mevo car close by?

Don't ever worry about vehicle availability again, by subscribing to a Mevo Virtual Fleet Subscription, we ensure 95% vehicle availability within 400m of your office from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday via our service level agreement (SLA).

What if we need to take more than one car out at a time?

No worries, the credit is added to your Mevo for Business account. Your team can take 20 cars out, on the same day, once a day once a month if you like!

A virtual car subscription is ideal for your company if you are...

  • Wasting too much time & money on managing your company fleet

  • Need more vehicles to meet your travel demands

  • Want to increase your company's sustainability

We're replacing full-time car ownership and other travel expenditures with full-time access to the Mevo fleet.

Why choose a Mevo Virtual Fleet Subscription over owning fleet cars?

With a Mevo Virtual Fleet Subscription, your business can reduce, and in some cases remove, costs associated with owning company cars.

Some of these costs are:

  • Depreciation

  • Fleet Management/ Staff Time

  • Parking

  • Cleaning/Grooming & Repairs

  • Damage Tracking & Administration

  • Warrants or Certificates of Fitness & Registrations

  • Insurance

  • Telematics

Additionally, by using Mevo, companies are also offsetting 120% CO2 emitted while they travel.

Important Things To Note

  • Travel outside 8 am to 6 pm these times will be billed as separate trips at normal rates

  • Credit will be valid during the calendar month it was added

  • Credit can only be used for trip fees, additional fees (eg. Airport Fees) will be billed separately

For a cost comparison between your existing fleet/ business travel or more information on setting up a subscription click below.

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