You can now lock in your road trips early with our new pre-booking system. Select the date range of your trip and have your hybrid electric Audi A3 e-tron at only $100 per day (20% off). We've added an insurance liability reduction option.

Here are some benefits of your Mevo EV rental vs. a traditional rental:

  • ⏰ No need to worry over pick-up/drop-off or whether the depot is going to be open/closed for holidays

  • 📍 Your car will be delivered to your address

  • ⛽️ Fuel is included with 200 km free per day (ex. 5 days trip will have 1000 km free)

  • 🔌 EV charger also included (limited supplies so book early!)

  • 🌱 Travel climate positive, we offset your emissions at 120%

Have a look and make sure to book in your EV rental now!

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