Before taking a trip with a Mevo, a pre-authorisation amount of $15 is temporarily held against your credit card to ensure that the payment card is both valid and has sufficient credit.

This is similar to the (much larger) amounts often held by rental car companies during a rental, or service stations when you pump petrol.

The amount that Mevo pre-authorises has been set at around half the price of the average Mevo trip. If you don’t have enough funds available on your payment method and the pre-authorisation fails, you’ll be unable to book a Mevo. You can either transfer sufficient funds to your payment method, or replace the credit card on your account.

At the end of your trip, when the billing is processed:

  • If your trip total was less than the pre-authorised amount, the difference will be released back to your payment method. This is often immediate but can depend on your bank.
  • If your trip total was greater than the pre-authorised amount, the held amount will be included in the total that is debited from your card.

If you take a trip for less than the pre-authorised amount and find that the balance owed back to you is slow to reappear, please check with your bank as often this is due to their protocols.

Here’s the contact info for some of the major banks in New Zealand:

ANZ - 0800 269 296

ASB - 0800 803 804

BNZ - 0800 275 269

KiwiBank - 0800 113 355

Westpac - 0800 400 600

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