What's Included?

Mevo for Business gives you powerful features to simplify, administer, and report on your Mevo trips:

  • A single, consolidated monthly invoice, charged to your centralised company credit card on the first of the following month. Attached to the invoice is a PDF statement that includes a comprehensive set of information about each trip, including start and end times, driver and vehicle details, job codes, distance, duration, price, and carbon offset.

  • Job Codes that administrators and drivers can add to any trip - just one or multiple. This makes it easy to track which projects to cost to, or which clients to charge.

  • A powerful web-based administration console that lets you invite your team and manage your company details, payment method, and job codes.

  • The ability to suspend any driver immediately and stop them from taking trips.

Your team also gets some useful features to simplify their driving experience:

  • A work and personal profile switcher in-app, which makes it easy to take business trips without signing out of their account.

  • Automatic charging of business trips to the centralised company account. Team members no longer have to manage receipts or reconcile each trip.

  • They can easily add job-codes to each trip in the app, either while they're on a trip, or afterwards.

Monthly Invoice Example

If you'd like to get an idea of what data is included in the reports, you can find an example document here: Monthly Invoice & Statement

How Much Does it Cost?

The core features in Mevo for Business are free.

This means it's easy to get set up - whether you're a sole trader or a large company with hundreds of drivers.

More Functionality

For larger companies or those who require more advanced functionality, we have a range of packages you can add, whenever you need them.

You can check out the full list of features that are available for you to enable, and see pricing, on our website.

We're always working on new functionality to make managing company accounts a breeze. If you have any feedback, ideas, or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you - just chat with us or email [email protected].

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