Your account must have the Administrator role to be able to update the Job Codes for your business. Chat to one of your Business Administrators if that's not the case.

Job Codes are used to tag and identify Trips that your Members take. They're independent of a Member's Cost Centre, and a Trip can have more than one Job Code added to it.

Job Codes can be added to a Trip:

  • By Drivers, in-app during a Trip on their Business Profile.
    This option becomes available in-app shortly after unlocking the car.

  • By Drivers, after a Trip has completed, from the Account Activity page in-app or online.

  • By Administrators, after a Trip has completed, from the Business Activity page online.

Adding/Updating Job Codes

  • Log into Mevo for Business.

  • Select "Details" from under the "Business" drop-down on the left-hand side, and then select the "Job Codes" tab.
    You'll see your company's Job Codes displayed on-screen.

  • If you're adding Job Codes one-by-one, simply type them in, and press Enter after each one. You'll see the text you entered converted into a tag.

  • If you're adding a list of existing Job Codes, just paste this into the field.
    We'll split the codes into tags on any whitespace, newline, or comma - so make sure your codes don't have any spaces in them.

  • Press the "x" on any Job Code tag to remove it from the list.

  • Press "Save Changes" to confirm once your Job Codes are all loaded.

Job Codes will be converted to uppercase on saving.

Adding Job Codes while on a Trip

  • After starting a trip on a Business Profile, the Job Codes option will appear after a few seconds.

  • Tap on the Job Codes menu item.
    You'll see the Job Codes screen open.

  • Tap in the text field and begin typing.
    You'll see the matching company Job Codes auto-fill.

  • Select the Job Code from the list, or finish typing it if you need to add a new code. Tap Save once you've added all the Job Codes you need.
    You'll see a confirmation message that your Job Codes were saved.

You can tap "x" to close the Job Codes screen when you're finished.

Adding Job Codes after a Trip has finished

  • If your company has Job Codes configured, you will see the "Add Job Codes" option next to the charges for each Trip in the Activity View.
    This is available in-app and online for Drivers on their own trips, and online for Administrators, for any trip on the company account.

  • Click on "Add Job Codes" for the Trip you want to add them to.
    You will see the Job Codes form pop up.

  • Type your Job Codes in. The company's existing Job Codes will auto-fill for you to select from, or you can create a new one.

  • Press "Save" once you've finished editing the Job Codes for that Trip.
    You'll see a confirmation message, and the Job Code(s) will show for the Trip.

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