If you receive an invoice or receipt noting that some items were charged on a separate transaction, it could look like the screenshot below:

Some components of our billing engine aren't able to account for every edge case that's possible when using Mevo. This means that sometimes, the automatic billing amount doesn't include all the charges for your trip.

When this happens, we charge any missing amounts to you on separate transactions. For your convenience, these charges are grouped together and presented to you as a single receipt - rather than, in the example above, three separate receipts - as all three charges are for the same piece of activity with Mevo.

As always, we're continually working to improve our product. We're working with one of our vendors so that in the future, all of these charges will be accounted for automatically in the price of your trip and will be charged on the same transaction.

Night Rate Adjustment

Mevo's overnight price applies when you reserve a car after 6pm, and return this car by 8am the next morning. The price of your trip is capped at the price for two hours.

For technical reasons, the capped price becomes available slightly before 6pm - and it's possible that you keep the car past the 8am finish of the overnight price.

The Night Rate Adjustment is calculated as the price for any time outside of the overnight pricing period and is charged in a lump sum. This amount can be especially notable on multi-day trips that were started late in the evening. In the example above, a two-day trip has been taken in an Audi A3 e-tron ($125/day). The price has been initially calculated as $100 (2x the overnight rate of $50) and a Night Rate Adjustment has been charged of $150 for the remaining $75 of each of the two days.

The resulting total is the correct price of $250 for two days, at $125/day.

Excess Kilometre Charge

Mevo's pricing includes 200km of free driving distance per day.

In the example above, the car has been driven 437km over a period of two days, leaving 37km as an excess after subtracting the included 400km (200km x 2 days).

This has been billed at 25ยข per kilometre which totals $9.25.

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