In order to use the exciting new features in Mevo for Business, you need to have a personal Mevo account. It's free to set up, and it's where we attach the business profile that bills to your company.

There are a few steps you will need to follow:

  1. Click here to create a new Mevo account, using your personal email address and other details. The billing address and payment information you enter will only be used if you take trips on your personal profile.

  2. Wait for us to approve your personal account. You'll get an email from us when this is all done.
    Chat with us if you've finished this and need your approval expedited.

  3. Log into the Mevo App using your new personal account, and click Get Started.
    We use your driver licence number to detect that your accounts can be merged.

  4. Enter the password for your work account and click Confirm.

  5. We'll merge your work account into your new personal account.
    Click here for some more tips and info on the account merging process.

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