If you have two Mevo accounts (personal and work), you can merge these into one and start using the exciting new functionality in Mevo for Business.

Merging your Accounts

If you don't yet have a personal Mevo account, click here for instructions.

Behind the scenes, we use your driver licence number to identify that both of your accounts can be linked. Once your company has started the implementation process, you will have the option to merge these together in-app.

  1. Log into your personal Mevo account.
    This will become your primary account, and we'll attach your work profile here.

  2. Under Link Your Work Account, click the Get Started button.
    If you can't see the button, it's possible that your business isn't ready to be migrated, or we couldn't find your work account based on your driver licence number. Chat with us and we can fix any issues.

  3. Enter the password for your work Mevo account and press Confirm.
    We'll kick off the process of merging your accounts.
    This can take a minute or two, so hang tight.

  4. You will see a confirmation message once it's completed.
    You can now restart your app and get going on Mevo for Business!

Some Tips for your Migration

  1. You'll now only use your personal email/password to log into Mevo.

  2. We'll preserve your old trips and billing information, and that will be available to you in your account page after migrating.

  3. Your work trips will be billed once per month to your company's centralised payment method, so you'll no longer have to use your purchasing card or submit expense claims.

As always, our team is standing by to help you with any issues or questions. Don't hesitate to chat with us here or in the app and we can get you moving!

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