We have made some big changes to the way you use Mevo for Business. This includes the release of some highly requested features including:

  • Multiple profiles in-app; you can now switch between work and personal profiles for each trip.

  • Improved reporting, including the ability for you to add job codes while on a trip, and have it lodged against your business cost centre.

  • A centralised payment method that's managed by your Mevo for Business Administrator - no more individual purchasing cards or expense claims!

This requires some action on your behalf in order for your whole company to get the benefits of Mevo for Business.

These exciting new changes require that you have a personal Mevo account. This simplifies your Mevo account to be associated with you personally, alongside the driver licence and address information we need to be able to verify your identity. Then, you can use your business profile when taking trips for work, and your company can access the billing and information for those trips.

If you don't already have a personal Mevo account, it will take just 5 minutes to create one - and it's totally free. Our improved registration process includes scanning your details from your driver licence photos and automatically verifying your identity.

You can read more about why a personal Mevo account is a required step here.

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