Please always refer to Mevo's pricing page for the latest and most up to date pricing info. 

Pro-tip: for short trips less than 25mins, both the Audi and VW are the same price at $0.60/min! Good to know when you are in a hurry.

Mevo rates get capped at the hour always giving you the best value. Instead of the 90 mins being $54, it's much lower. See for yourself with the pricing estimator.

Pro-tip: Each Mevo trip has 200 kms free per day. This two day trip to Martinborough has 400 kms free included. Each additional km is $0.25 (incl. gst) and helps us to offset the extra fuel cost.

Double pro-tip:  Per 24 hour period, we only charge for 5 hours cost. It's our day rate.

No small talk, no waiting, just pick up and go. The airport surcharges help us maintain our designated parking, automatic gate entries, and general operation costs.

Pro-tip: if you made it down here, you discovered one of the best values of Mevo. A whole evening/night with Mevo and 200 km free for the cost of two hours. Members often use this to commute from work to the outer suburbs, carpooling, or just some errands and fun. 

A little planning makes a lot of savings!

If you think there are anything on this page that can be explained a little better, please let us know by chatting in-app or send an email to [email protected]

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