Mevo is on a mission to not only make transportation simple and easy for our members, but to climate positive in everything we do. We reduce our emissions by charging our hybrid electric cars on New Zealand's 80% renewable grid, and we offset anything else our fleet emits by 120%.

By empowering our members to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere with their everyday transportation we're hoping to see more demand for this kind of business practice and a steady reduction in emissions across New Zealand.

Every Mevo vehicle will remove 95kg of CO2 from the atmosphere per year - as well as averting the emissions of the 5-15 vehicles it replaces. Every Mevo vehicle will provide members with access to mobility, allowing them to re-orient their transport habits toward a mix of car sharing, public transport and walking and cycling.

We carefully monitor all greenhouse gas emissions caused by the Mevo fleet, and work with our partners at Ekos to buy carbon credits at 120% of our emissions. This cost is built into our pricing.

All our CO2 offsets come from our internationally certified, community-based rainforest carbon projects in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Each project is a community enterprise designed to help the indigenous peoples who own these forests.

Mevos goals are to: 

  1. To provide seamless and simple transportation

  2. To be climate-positive, and to empower our clients to do the same

  3. To progress the world of share economy in a fun and exciting way

  4. To be innovative in everything we do, and expand this vision

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