Emergency & Urgent Help

1. Before starting a trip

1.1 Introduction video
1.2 Inspecting and reporting for damage
1.3 Found lost property
1.4 Ticket on car?

2. Starting a trip

2.1 Starting an hybrid electric vehicle
2.2 Unplugging the charger
2.3 Adjusting the setting
2.4 Accessories

3. While On-trip

3.1 Locking/Unlocking vehicle while on trip
3.2 Accidents and emergencies
3.3 Fuelling and maintenance
3.4 Damage while on-trip

4. Ending a trip

4.1 Parking
4.2 How recharge
4.3 Going to the Wellington Airport
4.4 Coming from the Wellington Airport
4.5 Vehicle conditions
4.6 Trouble ending trip?
4.7 Lost something?


Receipt and trip report

Feedback & Complaints?

Any feedback or complaints can be emailed to [email protected] or if urgent/severe to Tian Wu, Head of Experience ([email protected])

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