Before you end your trip, check:

  • You, your passengers, and any possessions are out of the Mevo

  • The vehicle is within the Home Zone. The home zone limits is outlined on the map within your app. 

  • All doors are closed and the windows are up

  • The fuel card is returned properly to the cardholder inside the glovebox

  • the engine is switched off (sometimes hard to tell with the quiet electric cars!)

When you're ready, open the Mevo app and tap "END TRIP" in the lower right hand corner of the screen. The icon will load briefly while it waits for the car to respond, before returning you to the map screen.

You should hear a lock sound, see the lights flash, and receive a trip summary email. Please just give a pull on the handle just to make sure the vehicle is indeed locked.

You'll get an error on the Mevo app (and an audio error will play in the car) if:

  • The fuel card or emergency key is missing from the glovebox holder

  • Any doors are open (including the boot)

  • the engine is still on

Note: if the "END TRIP" button does not work, disable the WiFi, ensure mobile data is on, and restart the app and try again. 

If you're having trouble ending your trip, contact us either by chatting with us in-app or by calling 0508 111 6386 (ext 2).

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