Work can be stressful, but your commute doesn't have to be. Leave work in your new Audi A3 e-tron, take it home, and enjoy the night: 

1. Save time & money with Mevo's Evening Rates

Applies for all evenings during weekdays & weekends. Any trips between 6pm till 8AM the next day is fixed at a maximum cost of 2 hours. (For Me-$32, Basic-$46)

As always, that rate comes with city-wide parking, insurance, fuel, electricity, and basic cleaning.

2. Stop wandering around for parking in the CBD!

Wilson Parking: ~$10/hr
City Parking: ~$3/hr

Mevo Parking: $0
Included in Mevo memberships, you can drive and park your Mevo car right in front of your work in any approved street parking and dedicated Mevo car parks throughout the CBD.

3. Great for the flight next morning

Take a Mevo home with you (Lower Hutt, Johnsonville, Eastbourne, etc), drop it off at the airport for your flight next day.

4. Caught up at work and missed the last bus/train/ferry?

It's dark and it's cold. For about the same cost as an Uber and less than a cab, get home safe and take a Mevo with you.

5. Carpool with friends & co-workers

Great experiences are meant to be shared. Pick up your friends/co-workers in your new electric Audi, and they can enjoy a stress-free commute to work too.

These are just a few of the benefits of being a Mevo member. If you want a better commuting experience, why not see for yourself?

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