Do I need to reserve a Mevo?

Yes, reserving your Mevo is part of the process to getting in. There is no minimum time from reservation to starting your trip.

The maximum time that a Mevo can be reserved for is thirty minutes.

Do you take a bond or put a hold on my payment method?

No. The only transaction we create on your payment method is to complete the charge for your trip (the time you had the car plus any additional kilometres driven over the 200km/day included range). This transaction happens around midnight on the day your trip completed.

Are you equipped for children?

We are most definitely family friendly, but please make sure you bring your own booster/car seat to ensure your little ones are safe.

How far can I drive?

Check out our pricing page under "Pricing Schedule" -> "Excess Kilometre Charge"

Where can I drive?

Almost any road in the North Island. Your Mevo cannot be driven on beaches, taken on ferries of any kind, on riverbeds or through floodwater.

Who pays for the fuel?

Mevo does!

Where can I park my Mevo when I'm on a trip?

Anywhere you'd be able to park a normal car (or EV). Please remember that while you're on your trip you're responsible for any parking costs (inducing tickets for parking infringements or towing). More details can be found in our terms and conditions.

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