What is Mevo?

Mevo is a Wellington based electric car sharing company. Through our mobile app we enable our members to access our new electric Audi vehicles to use whenever they wish. By sharing our vehicles with multiple members, Mevo’s pricing is much cheaper than owning or leasing a car yourself.

How much does it cost?

Here is our pricing information.
Rates include: Home Zone parking, insurance, petrol, electricity, basic cleaning, and 200km/day.

Can I leave the vehicle at another destination?

"Yes! with free floating you can end your trip in any designated Mevo car park or any approved park within the Wellington Home Zone, outlined on the map within the app"

Can I drive outside of the home zone?

"You most certainly can". However, you can only end trip in approve parking within the Wellington Home Zone.

When will you launch in my city?

We're working hard to launch Mevo in cities across New Zealand. Our next stop will be Auckland. Check this page if you'd like to reserve your place in an Auckland Mevo vehicle and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop.

How does lost property work?

If you have lost or found an item of property in our vehicles please message Mevo via the smartphone app. Mevo will arrange the return of the property.

Can I take animals in the vehicle?

No, As some of our members have animal hair allergies or sensitive about the smells some animals produce we do not allow animals in our vehicles.

Are your vehicles smokefree?

Absolutely. Excessive cleaning fees apply if we detect smoking occurred in the vehicle.

I forgot my password

No problem, it's an easy fix. Reset your password.

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